Found Letterforms – Go out and take 26 photographs of random found objects that could be seen as a letterforms – complete A-Z .

Creative Typography Investigating the uses of a wide variety of materials you are to produce your own alphabet. Consider the physical and aesthetic properties of your chosen material and allow it to dictate the characteristic of your  letterforms. See some examples of creative typography here.

Helvetica @ 50 Produce a piece of writing min. 500 words based on the film 50 years of Helvetica giving the arguments for and against the use of Helvetica. Show 10 examples of Helvetica used in graphic design. Pick 2 designers featured in the film (one for and one against) and produce research sheets annotating their work.

Look at the typography design work of David Carson, Neville Brody, Alan Kitching, Greg Lamarche, Cavan Huang, Aron Jancso and make research sheets featuring two designers’ work that you like best.

Working from investigations so far you are to produce a design for a poster advertising a TV programme called ‘Typography Now.’


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