Tim Walker: Wonderful Things

The show was bold and vibrant, showcasing a vast array of his unmistakable photographs, sketchbooks, short films and interesting objects, taking us on a weird and wonderful Tim Walker journey. Each room is new world; brilliant white walls, pink latex, stained-glass windows and dark corners filled with vibrant wonderlands. Heavenly sounds fill the room only to be replaced by the sounds of the jungle in the next room, where large colourful animals hang above you in the darkness. Each room features a different project that is inspired by various artefacts from the V&A; “Each new shoot is a love letter to an object from the V&A collection, and an attempt to capture my encounter with the sublime”, which is something the Textile students had been told to closely consider when exploring the artefacts in the V&A.

Whether or not the show was to every students taste, we all came away taking something valuable from the day; whether that was seeing how a show is curated, inspiration from Walkers style and approach to photography, the fashion in the photography or whatever other wonderful objects that they saw in the V&A.