Portraiture/Still-Life project (5 weeks)

Charlotte Cherag-Zade
Charlotte Cherag-Zade

Choose either 1 or 2.

  1. 1.      Investigate different styles of portraiture (ie. Fashion, reportage, documentary, social commentary, abstract). Choose one of the following themes as a starting point and build up your project, staying true to a style and making references to it as your project evolves.

Make good use of techniques you have learned so far, including: composition, depth of field, lighting, location.

  • Identity
  • Private and public
  • Transformation
  • Age
  1. 2.      Take a still-life photo, or collection of photos, using one of these themes as a starting point. Pay particular attention to photographic techniques you have learned (including composition, depth of field, lighting, location) and make references to them as your project develops.
  • Useless objects
  • Scale
  • Evidence
  • Age

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