Natural Forms

GCSE Textiles


– Drawings and photographs of the garden.

Wet felting pieces made from selecting parts of a photograph with a viewfinder.

– Research trip to Bluebell Hill woods and Cobtree Park. Photographs (including macro) and drawings.

– Drawing form observation using pencil/black fineliner. Hand stitching and/or machine stitching into card and appliqué using remnant fabrics. Sania Pell (see Resources)

– Close up drawings made from selecting parts of a photograph with a viewfinder.

– Tracing drawings and reflecting/repeating to make a pattern using Photoshop.

– Creating digital patterns with the addition of colour using Photoshop. Alexander McQueen, Sarah Arnett. Experiment with the kaleidoscope effect (see Resources). Choose three final patterns and overlay onto dress illustrations.

– Experiment with drawn printed patterns; ripping, cutting, copying and overlaying to create texture.

– Make a piece of jewellery using free machine embroidery using Aquafilm. Designs should be based on student’s own drawings. Consider line, shape and colour. (See Resources)

Screen printing workshop

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