Identity Project

AS Unit 1 – Coursework Portfolio

Project 1 September 2013


– Hand rendered typography – Write 20 interesting things about yourself in different styles of lettering using a black fineliner. For some inspiration have a look at the books Hand Job – A catalogue of type and Fingerprint

– Research the graphic portraits of Julian Opie and make your own self portrait using the pen tool and filling, stroking and arranging shapes on Adobe Illustrator.

– Experimenting with different collage styles, make a self portrait using a variety of materials such as Magazines, Phone Books, Catalogues, Newspaper, Tissue Paper, Aluminium Foil, Sand Paper, Junk Mail, Sweet Wrappers, Packaging, Leaves, Tickets

Suggested Artists Michael Klek, Peter Clark, Patrick Dremer, Brianna McCarthy, Pascal Marlin, Alexandros Vasmoulakis, Lucas Simoes.  Books Cut & Paste – 21st Century Collage, Cutting Edges – Contemporary Collage

– Final work will be produced by amalgamating all these elements using Adobe Photoshop; drawing and photographs can also be used. Investigating layers and the different layer blending modes you will consider composition, colour and mood to produce a final piece of work which reflects you and your personality.

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