Year 10 Cathedral Visit

A group of our year 10 Art and Design students set off to the Cathedral with Carmel and Gretel to source from primary material for their recently assigned Cathedral project. The group was assigned the task of taking 30 photographs of the beautiful Cathedral; whether that be the green men, the stunning towers or stain glass windows, or the intricate brickwork. This primary research will be incredibly beneficial to the students personal projects and will be the foundations of their developing body of work; whether they choose to venture down the Fine Art, Graphics, Textiles or Photography routes.

Unfortunately our brief visit was made even shorter by the sheer amount of students who were visiting the Cathedral too. We did, however, have the pleasure of seeing the magnificent Knife Angel that has been created by Artist, Alfie Bradley, and is being temporarily exhibited in the Cathedral gardens. The statue is made up from over 100,000 seized blades and is a beautiful tribute to victims of knife crimes and their families. If you haven’t had a chance to see it yet- GO- it is on show until the 29th of September.


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