Photography Lesson 3: Daylight Photograms

Photograms are traditionally created in a darkroom, with the photographic paper run through the chemicals to produce a black and white image (when using black & white paper). This time, however, the students experimented with taking photographic paper outside and exposing it to natural light. Rather than finding objects to place onto the paper,  they would bring the paper to the natural world and place it … Continue reading Photography Lesson 3: Daylight Photograms

Camera Obscura

The Photography students took part in an experiment to demonstrate exactly how a pinhole camera works. The best way to do this was to literally place themselves inside one, and the most practical way was to convert a room. ‘Camera Obscura’ is Latin for dark room. Documentation of the camera obscura goes back centuries, including detailed ones by Leonardo Da Vinci. However the physics behind how light … Continue reading Camera Obscura

Photography Lesson 2: Photograms

GCSE Photography once again utilised the darkroom by experimenting with the art of making photograms. This method, used to great effect by artists such as Man Ray, uses light and photographic paper, with no camera involved in the process. Each student covered their sheet of paper with specifically found objects. By blocking out light, the paper remained white, so as they became more familiar with the process, their … Continue reading Photography Lesson 2: Photograms

Photography Lesson 1: Pinhole cameras

Students on the GCSE and A-level Photography courses hit the ground running this term by bringing in boxes to their first lesson and making them into pinhole cameras. The process required making their boxes ‘light-proof’: painting the insides black and sealing any gaps and holes. An easy way to check for leaks was to take the boxes into the darkroom, turn off the lights, drop … Continue reading Photography Lesson 1: Pinhole cameras


Radical plan to put the creative industries at the heart of growth Business Secretary Vince Cable, Culture Secretary Sajid Javid and Facebook chief Nicola Mendelsohn joined forces to launch Create UK, which aims to maintain and boost Britain’s position as a world leader. The aim is to double the value of exports in areas from gaming to advertising, design and publishing from £15.5 billion inn … Continue reading GET CREATIVE!