Observational Drawing in The College Gardens

We made the most of the sunshine with the year 8s this week; getting outside with our drawing boards and graphite. The college gardens are looking luscious and green at the moment, and given the lovely weather it just seemed the right thing to do! The students were spoilt for choice with the trees, the flowers, the stream and all of the other wonderful sights … Continue reading Observational Drawing in The College Gardens


The lower-school have been busy on photoshop editing their May van Millingen- inspired illustrations. They started with sketching their designs and then carefully added colour with layers of water-colour paint, leaving these to dry and finally adding fine-liner detailing to create the sketchy illustrative style that May van Millingen uses in her work. Once the illustrations were finalised we scanned them into the computers and … Continue reading Food-tastic

We’re Going On A Bird Hunt

The lower school have been busy on Wednesday afternoons creating ceramic sculptures of British indigenous birds. Each student selected a bird to focus on, drawing preliminary sketches sketches and then producing this vibrant and fun clay tiles for the college garden. These lovely sculptures have been scattered all around the college gardens so keep an eye out for the colourful birds, hiding in the bushes! Continue reading We’re Going On A Bird Hunt

Lower School Land Art and Photography

The lower school students have been busy at home creating some spectacular sculptures and snapping some wonderful photographs in their back garden. Taking full advantage of the nice weather we decided to head outside and make the most of the sunshine! We have been appreciating and exploring the resources & spaces that are at our fingertips- something that we all seemed to be guilty of … Continue reading Lower School Land Art and Photography

RIC’s Young Artists

The lower school students have been as creative as ever; taking well to the transition from college to remote learning! For the first couple of weeks they were set tasks involving photographing and making artwork of their pets and favourite animals. Additionally, the students had the option of another photography, exploring their homes and gardens finding faces in everyday objects; something that is known as … Continue reading RIC’s Young Artists

Chirping in the Trees

A group of young creatives from years 7-9 have recently started a project exploring the world of indigenous birds. We have been busy sketching and painting Jay’s, Robins, Starlings and all other cute and feathery friends, in preparation for creating some fun sculptures to hang in the trees, found in our beautiful college garden.  For lots of the students it has been the first time … Continue reading Chirping in the Trees