Summer Festival

The College’s annual Summer Festival has already been and gone – somebody told me that we were in our 10th year of this lovely event – that cannot be right, I’m not that old! Whenever its inception, the Summer Festival has always been a real highlight of the year and a wonderful way to celebrate the achievements of our students in the Arts. We had … Continue reading Summer Festival

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RIC Graphics Explosion!

2018/19 has been a mammoth year for the Graphics team with our Year 10 students having their first taste of the GCSE course; two Year 11 groups and record numbers in Year 12 and 13 with a total of 29 students completing their A level this academic year. What is particularly impressive is that the vast majority of these students came to A level Graphics … Continue reading RIC Graphics Explosion!

The rise of the infographic

AS Graphics students will be investigating the graphic language of infographics for their coursework this term. In our increasingly time challenged world, it seems that the infographic has become king.  Everywhere you look, complex date is being presented in a more visual way. Why? 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual with more than half of our grey matter being dedicated to this … Continue reading The rise of the infographic


Colour is an essential factor to the world of graphic design and advertising. Not only that it brings in depth and emphasis to a design but it also gives the feel and the mood of a design. Graphic Design is not just only about making beautiful layouts and fantastic designs but it is also about connecting to the people who we are targeting at. In … Continue reading THE IMPORTANCE OF COLOUR IN GRAPHIC DESIGN


The A level Graphics group went to The London Transport Museum and The Design Museum for reserach into their current projects. As well as displaying life size models of trains and buses and an underground train simulator (which the students delighted in) – the LTM is currently showing the Poster Art 150 exhibition displaying some of London Underground’s greatest  and most famous designs and students were given … Continue reading A LEVEL GRAPHICS TRIP 02/10/13