A Day Out in Margate

The first stop was the Carl Freedman gallery, where we saw Gossamer, a show made up of 22 artists using stockings as a material and/ or subject matter. The show touches on themes of gender, femininity, and race, and features a vast array of works including photography, sculptures, paintings stuffed tights and lots of other things you might not expect to see in a gallery! We then moved onto the beach to take some portrait pictures before heading to the Turner Contemporary where we saw the works of the 2019 Turner Prize winners. The vast variety of artworks on display at both galleries was ideal, as all of the students are focusing on different themes and practices- so there was something for everyone.

Once the students had finished viewing the work in the Turner we stopped for fish and chips, ending our day out with a quick visit to Dreamland to take even more pictures in the colourful arcades… at least that was what they were meant to be doing!