GCSE Photography – Capturing Motion

One theme in particular the Photography students enjoy every year is ‘capturing motion’. It is an exercise designed to introduce and master the more technical workings of the camera, in particular shutter speed. The knowledge required can at first seem complex, but through experimentation and trial and error, students discover exactly how they can show movement, from blurred ‘traces’ of motion to ‘freezing time’ and … Continue reading GCSE Photography – Capturing Motion

A-level Photography students visit Tate Modern

The A-level Photography students visited Tate Modern on a crisp and sunny day, making the most of the walk from the National Gallery by taking photographs of some of London’s iconic buildings, as well the vibrant and bustling South Bank. The Tate Modern has a new extension, Switch House, next to the iconic main building and so there is now twice as much artwork to … Continue reading A-level Photography students visit Tate Modern