Photography 2016-17

Summer is in full swing and the RIC Summer Festival is less than a week away. A main part of the festival is the Visual Arts exhibition, featuring work by GCSE and A-level students in Fine Art, Photography, Graphics, Textiles, and 3-D.

We have seen some excellent work from all students. Every year is different, and this year in particular has resulted in some varied and experimental work from the Photography Department. The darkroom has had a great deal of use, with experimental photograms using flash lighting, painting with chemicals, daylight, and hand-colouring just some of the techniques used. Students have learned to use various film cameras and processed film themselves. We have even turned a room into a camera, in order to understand how one works (a ‘picture’ of the outside world is projected onto the walls inside – and it moves!)

An understanding of analogue photography and traditional methods has been successfully paired with digital techniques such as Photoshop manipulation. Students embraced the idea of creating photos where people were too big, too small, levitating or cloned. Likewise projects such as Portraiture where lighting, composition, and understanding of the lens resulted in some beautiful and dramatic portraits.

A-level students have made the most of their time for exploring and researching their chosen themes for their personal investigations, and this has produced some very mature and wonderful work.

All students should be proud of their achievements in photography. Here is a sample of work from both GCSE and A-level. More will be on show at the Summer Festival on Wednesday 28th June from 4pm.


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