‘It’s like being a magician’ – GCSE Photography

Now more than ever photographic manipulation is made easier and more accessible to all, from sophisticated computer programmes such as Photoshop, to Apps on smartphones.

However there is still a great deal to learn and a lot to understand in order to ‘get it right’. To produce an image which can amaze, entertain, amuse or bemuse takes preparation and time, and an understanding not just of the technical aspect of photography, but how our eyes and minds can be fooled in the first place.

The direction and temperature of the light (yes, light has sophisticated temperature measurements), scale, distance, depth of focus and point-of-view all determine our initial reactions to what we see in front of us. Most of us are aware of the capabilities of photographic manipulation, and so it makes the job harder for the photographer (particularly a creative one) to create an image that can still provoke a reaction from the viewer. But as my students would say, ‘Challenge accepted’.

Below is a selection of work from this years’ GCSE students exploring photographic techniques using Photoshop as well as in-camera tricks.

aaron lexi umbrella
Will Mortimer2
aaron wall
aaron swinging
Will Mortimer1
aaron out of wall

I have also included photos from past students’ A-level work where they further developed their creative skills.

Harry Taylor
Harry Taylor
Harry Taylor

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