GCSE Trip to Canterbury

On Wednesday 25th February, GCSE students from Art, Photography, and Graphics enjoyed a day in Canterbury where they observed and recorded everything around them in order to supplement their GCSE exam projects.

Aside from walking the streets and taking in the culture and scenery, there was a visit to the Beaney Museum, to view the galleries as well as to look at The Essence of Memory, and exhibition by Holder and Lamoon. The students were lucky enough to be given a private talk by the artists, including time to ask questions and to discuss their work.

Another gallery we visited was the Sidney Cooper Gallery where students walked around the Tania Kovats exhibition. This included her recent installation All the Sea (2012-14) consisting of a vast collection of bottles on a shelf, each one containing water from a different sea around the world.

All-in-all the day was a great success, with all students using their time to gather information, photographs, notes, and ideas relating to their GCSE exam projects. Once back at college they were able to hit the ground running, armed with a variety of exciting and insightful raw material.

IMG_5250 IMG_5233 IMG_5227 IMG_5225 IMG_5197 IMG_5194 IMG_5190 IMG_5186 IMG_5180 IMG_5169 IMG_5159

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