‘Shooting people as they walk out the door’ – Tricia Yourkevich, BBC Photographer, visits RIC

Tricia Yourkevich has one of the busiest schedules and tightest deadlines of any photographer. She is currently the picture editor and photographer for BBC Audio and Music, having cut her teeth on BBC iPlayer when it was in its infancy (anyone remember a time before iPlayer?)

We are living in a visual, image-lead world, and Tricia’s job is to make sure anything that is promoted online as part of BBC Audio and Music has a picture. This means everything that appears on all the BBC Radio stations, as well as events such as music festivals and interviews with special guests. As it is impossible for her to be everywhere at all times, it is also Tricia’s job to train others to take photos worthy of the BBC branding, and this has seen her lead hundreds of workshops over the past few years. That is a great deal of responsibility to fit on one person’s shoulders, and as her time is precious, RIC were very lucky to have Tricia take a rare morning off to come and give a talk to Photography and Media students on Friday 24th October.

The talk was relaxed, with questions encouraged at any time, although as one would expect from a long-standing BBC employee, some names of the more awkward celebrities to be photographed had to be withheld for reasons of discretion. This didn’t stop Tricia from giving as much advice and as many useful tips as she could, from dealing with models who ‘didn’t say a word for the entire shoot’, to composing a shot of someone in the few seconds she had before they walked out of the studio door. From using work colleagues as stand-in models and magically changing their surroundings in Photoshop, to getting an iconic shot of Hillary Clinton in an office corridor. Despite all this being part of Tricia’s routine, every day can still be different. I think it’s safe to say all the students learned a great deal, and all were given a rare first-hand insight into where a career in Photography and Media can lead them.


Photo of Tricia by Dominik Klimowski.

All other photos © Tricia Yourkevich

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