A2 Photography Students in London

The A2 Photography students visited London for the day, taking in the Dennis Hopper: The Lost Album exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, followed by The Photographers’ Gallery in the afternoon.

In between they took as many photographs as they could while on the streets, paying particular attention to the people and their surroundings. A curious eye and a fast trigger finger were essential requirements for the day.


Here is a selection of images from some of the students. More to follow.

Photos by Joe Sutton, Ollie Page, Lizzie Bradshaw.


IMG_4359 IMG_4312  IMG_1643 IMG_4270 IMG_4257 IMG_4250  IMG_4186 IMG_4174 IMG_1632 IMG_0098 IMG_1621 IMG_1603 IMG_1601 IMG_1596 IMG_1595 IMG_1580 IMG_0176 IMG_0164 IMG_0138 IMG_0129 photo-2 photo-1

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