Photography Lesson 4: Shutter speed

GCSE and A-level Photography students are currently taking intense lessons in the workings of a camera, so that they can manipulate it to their advantage on future projects.

This week they have been experimenting with shutter speed, and finding creative ways of demonstrating the two extremes, fast and slow. Movement is key, whether it is to show time passing, or standing still.

Below are some of the photos students have submitted into their coursework so far.

water baloon 1
©George deWit Chaney/RIC
 ©James Finnigan/RIC
©James Finnigan/RIC
©Ollie Page/RIC
©Ollie Page/RIC
©Matthew Clarke/RIC
©Charlotte Almazon/RIC
©Charlotte Almazon/RIC
©Jamie Thompson/RIC
©Jamie Thompson/RIC



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